Wilderlands Campaign #2!

I can’t remember the last time I’ve had two separate groups/campaigns going at once.  The lunchtime game is still going strong (sorry for no recent updates — busy busy!), and I recently added an OD&D game for some local friends from church.  We had been talking about D&D off-and-on for nearly a year, and we finally managed to schedule some table time.  None of the players except my wife had played tabletop RPGs (although most of them have experience with MMOs and CRPGs), but everyone took to the game pretty fast and now they’re hooked!  I’ve run two sessions for them in the past two weeks (reports of which are here), and by all accounts the players are hankering for more.  They really like the open-ended nature of the game and the ability to really get creative in exploring and problem-solving.

When prepping for the new group, I knew I wanted to use the Wilderlands setting, but it took me a while to decide on a location.  After studying a few maps (Tarantis and Barbarian Altanis in particular), I ultimately chose to start the action in Greenwax, the same place where the other group started.  There were a few reasons for this:

  1. Time.  I didn’t have much free prep time even before this group started, so I need to maximize what I have.
  2. Player group. As with my last two campaigns (Ink Spell and my current library game), I don’t know yet how stable the group will remain or how frequently players will come and go;  with “cloud” games like this, it’s definitely best to have a stable base of operations with a variety of options for episodic adventure.
  3. Adventure options.  Greenwax has plenty of options for episodic adventures.  Just from the map and box set description, there’s the Old City of Satur right next door, the field of barrow mounds just to the north (perfect place for the Barrowmaze), the Ancient Tree, Mad Devil Jungle, and so on.
  4. Overlap.  I’m curious to see how the two PC groups operating in the same region will affect each others’ adventure options, as rumors are determined to be true or false, tales of the other group’s exploits filter through the taverns, and so on.

Looking forward to seeing how this all develops!


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