[BoL] careers, tactics, and the fog of war

I’ve been reading a bit lately on the webs about Free Kriegsspiel and ways referees handle the fog of war in their games, which naturally got me reflecting on my own refereeing.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard players, when determining what their PCs will do in a combat against a group of foes, ask one of the following questions:

  • “Which one looks like the leader?”
  • “Which one looks the toughest”
  • “Which one looks the most injured?”

In the swirling chaos of combat and limited visibility of the fog of war, how would one really be able to determine the answer to any of those questions?  I confess that I haven’t always been consistent in my response to these questions, but I think that I’ll do something like this in future BoL sessions:

If the PC is in an advantageous position to make that kind of comparison, he/she can make a Mind roll and add career ranks in Soldier, Mercenary, or Gladiator to make a successful judgment.



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