[BoL] Phraint PC race

The Phraint is an insectoid creature from David A. Hargrave’s marvelous Arduin GrimoireEmperor’s Choice has an excellent description, upon which the Phraints in my campaign world are closely (but not perfectly) modeled.


All Phraint PCs have the following Traits.

  • Natural Armor (B): Phraint chitin is as hard as plate armor, providing 4 points of damage reduction.
  • Jumping (B): Phraints have the ability to make prodigious leaps.  Base distance is 15′ vertical and 25′ (running start), with an additional 5′ for each point of Strength possessed by the phraint.
  • Keen Sense (Smell) (B): The insectoid phraint olfactory system is highly evolved and able to discern a wider spectrum of scents than humans.
  • Can’t Lie (F): as per BoL: Mythic
  • Cannot speak (F): Phraints are unable to formulate the sounds of human speech, but are able to communicate with other intelligent lifeforms through a limited form of telepathic sending (targets must be visible.
  • Emotionless (F): Phraint minds are logical and incapable of feeling or understanding emotions.
  • Outcast (F): The vast majority of Phraint PCs will be outside normal phraint society — outcasts or rogues who, for various reasons, have left their hives for a life of adventure.

Preferred weapons: two-handed sword, javelin

Common careers: Laborer, Mercenary, Gladiator


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