lunchtime library game update

Wow, I guess it has been since I posted anything here…

My weekly lunchtime game at work is still going strong.  Not long after finishing the “Temple of the Lizardmen” adventure (3 sessions or so), I decided (with the group’s approval) to shift back to Barbarians of Lemuria from D&D 5e.  My main reason was that, given that we have less than an hour of time together each week, I didn’t want to deal with the time-suck of walking each player through their class options when they hit 3rd level.  So we’re back with “BXoL” and are plugging right along.  I’m delighted to report that the campaign has taken a science-fantasy turn (psionics from Barbarians of the Void and mutant creatures/plants from Barbarians of the Aftermath), now that the PCs have been gated to another planet and are about to enter the Black Ziggurat…  If I have time, I’ll try to post some after-action reports again soon.


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