when it rains, it pours?

California still desperately needs water, but at least I can be glad that one drought — my gaming drought — seems to be ending.  The library game is going well, and other gaming prospects are on the horizon.  BB and I are planning to resume again soon, perhaps with a few more players — not sure if it’ll be BoL, Star Wars d6, or something else (Dicey Tales/Hollow Earth Expedition, perhaps?)  Finally, a friend from church reminded me today that he and his fiancee are interested in trying tabletop RPGs, possibly this coming weekend when they come over for dinner.  I haven’t had time or the open schedule to get together with the Bookstore Boys, as Sundays are taken up with church and family time, but I’m sure they would be up for more adventure too…

Dry spells are tough, but they sure make me appreciate the times when gaming opportunities are plentiful.


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