a new 1st-level human has joined my party

A month and a half ago my son “Milk Beast” was born.  I confess I haven’t spent much time daydreaming about the day he’s old enough to play RPGs with his dad, but the thought has crossed my mind…  I also haven’t gotten him a “Level 1 Human” onesie either (yet):


This design is cute, but how does a DEX 3 infant have AC 6? 

Now that MB has had his 2-month shots (and rolled a successful saving throw vs. side effects) and we don’t have to be quite as paranoid about socializing with him, I’m definitely looking forward to inviting my gaming friends over to roll some dice —  I haven’t tried DMing with a baby carrier on, but I’m sure that somewhere, someone has done so!

hangin with billy dee

“My dad showed me this neat game where you roll funny dice and pretend to be wizards and heroes.  Wanna play?”

thoughtful guy

“Hmm… What character should I play?”

I’ve had a great time introducing my nephew and niece to role-playing games — we’ve played Lego Heroica and Hero Kids so far — and when the time is right, it will be MB’s turn.  Whether he takes to tabletop RPGs or not, I’m looking forward to spending lots of time playing with MB and encouraging his imagination and creative impulses.


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