D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop #18: First convention

First gaming convention?

I’ll probably lose a lot of gamer-geek cred by saying this: I have never attended a gaming convention.  On one hand, I can see the draw: try out unfamiliar games, find some cool bargains or new games, maybe even participate in a session with one of the game’s elder statesmen (not so much anymore, sadly) or leading designers.  For these very reasons I’ve considered going to DunDraCon a few times now that I live in the SF Bay Area (and won’t have to pay for travel or lodging), but never actually made it.  For me, FRP gaming has always been first and foremost about having fun with friends in an intimate setting, and I’ve never really felt the desire to spend money on travel/lodging/con fees so I can game in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people.  When it comes to future cons though, I’ll never say “never” — maybe one of these years I’ll actually make it to DunDraCon…


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