D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop #16: First Edition war

I didn’t read Dragon or other gaming mags very often growing up, so I didn’t get to experience the slowly-unfolding debates and flame wars about the supremacy of OD&D vs. AD&D, 1e vs. 2e, etc.  I did, however, experience the 80s editions wars on a very small, local scale.  Certain AD&D 1e-playing friends and I turned our noses up at B/X D&D, based on the (commonly held?) misperception that Basic D&D was somehow the “beginners” version and Advanced D&D was for “serious” players.  This foolishness made sense at the time to my 5th-grade mind, but the irony in all this was that we didn’t play 1e by the book, but basically treated it as B/X on steroids — race/class separation, more classes, more spells, more monsters, and bigger equipment lists.  We never used weapon speeds, weapons vs. armor, grappling, and many of the other, more complicated subsystems that were unique to AD&D.


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