D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop #14: Significant other

Did you meet your significant other while playing D&D?  Does he or she still play?

I did not meet my wife while playing D&D, but I have introduced her to the game with some success.  As I learned the hard way in our first session together, she is definitely not the stereotypical “female gamer” who wants more of a focus on story, character immersion, and social interactions.  Those things are boring, she wants all action all the time!  The only way to keep her attention is to keep the adventure flowing — exploring, foiling traps, solving puzzles, sneaking around, and fighting monsters — which has definitely kept me on my toes and helped me improve my pacing as a referee.  I keep reminding her though that sometimes there has to be some talking — hearing rumors, getting quests, gathering information, and so on help develop the adventure.  She’s a pretty clever and resourceful dungeon delver, and is usually a pretty good sport about the talking bits.  She doesn’t always play (and definitely doesn’t share my level of enthusiasm for the hobby), but I always have a little bit more fun when she decides to join me at the table.


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