D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop #9:

First campaign setting (homebrew or published) you played in?

My buddies and I didn’t really think of our early D&D adventures as taking place in a broader campaign setting.  Ours was a nameless homebrew setting with dungeons, towns, and wilderness.  No one talked about the gods, religions, trade, or stuff like that.  I don’t recall there being any kind of “continuity” to the adventures; in retrospect, it was much more “short story” format in the sense that one adventure might end in a jungle and the next begin in the snow.  When one of my friends brought home the Forgotten Realms “grey box,” I was a little perplexed at first — this is cool, but what are you supposed to do with it?  — but eventually I figured it out…

I’ve been enamored of a few published RPG settings since then — Planescape, Glorantha, Tekumel, the Wilderlands, the Known Universe of Fading Suns, to name a few — but any time I spent in those locations was only a temporary vacation from my own homebrewed settings.


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