BARROWMAZE at Ink Spell Books in Half Moon Bay, 7/14/13!

To be honest, I haven’t had much to say about fantasy gaming for a couple months.  When Frau Gnombient and I were on our mostly-Iberian holiday, I started getting back into Pike, Shotte, & Sorcerie thanks to all the old castles we saw as well as the excellent military museums we visited in Madrid and Toledo.  Then last week it hit me: “The Ink Spell game is happening in two weeks?  Oh man, I’d better get something ready!”

I’m usually a terrible procrastinator when it comes to actually prepping adventure stuff, and this Ink Spell game has been no exception.  I had written a few notes when we were flying from place to place, and had a pretty good idea about the general setting — a colonial settlement and a rolling coastal plain nestled between the sea and a range of hills (much like the area around Half Moon Bay) — but not so much the actual adventure location.  My first thought was some kind of ruined monastery/lighthouse run by devotees of some forgotten sea-god, with pirates, sahuagin, drowned undead monks, corrosive salt water traps, and so on.  Then I realized that I simply don’t have the time to sit down and stock a dungeon in this limited amount of time.  So I did what I normally do in situations like this — I turn to the internet.

My approach to running this event is identical to the short-lived public library game I ran a few years ago, albeit with a different rule set (I’m using Labyrinth Lord this time.)  Weekly play?  Yes.  Likelihood of irregular attendance?  Very high.  The solution?  A campaign dungeon.  Enter Barrowmaze, a setting/dungeon I’ve been meaning to check out for a while.  At one point I had a similar idea for a “burial mounds and underground sprawl” adventure, but I doubt anything I could come up with would be nearly as awesome as what Greg Gillespie has done in this first Barrowmaze volume — I haven’t even seen Barrowmaze II!  The marshy environs of the Barrows fits perfectly with the geography of my setting, and I think the dungeon itself will work great for the Ink Spell game.  I’m really looking forward to running this.  If you’re in the Half Moon Bay area this Sunday, come on over to Ink Spell Books (500 Purissima Street @Kelly Ave.) at 3:00 and join the fun!


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