at last — some gaming on the horizon!


The last few months have been crazy, between finishing up my M.A. in Music History (finally), buying/moving into a new home in a new town, and getting ready to embark on a three-week vacation to Spain, Morocco, and Portugal.  Sadly but not surprisingly, I haven’t had any time for gaming during this time, so it’s nice to know that once we get back from vacation, I’ll have some gaming opportunities lined up and ready.

I’m definitely looking forward to rolling some dice with BB again.  Our adventure using his d6 Fantasy homebrew was interrupted by real life, so it’ll be good to get back to that and then maybe revisit some of our other games — Iron Trail B/X, BoL Pike Shotte & Sorcerie, Star Wars d6, maybe even some Mongoose Traveller… Who knows?  Whatever system/setting we end up playing, it will be fun as usual.

The other opportunity was only recently discovered.  Last Saturday, when trading in some old paperbacks at Ink Spell Books in Half Moon Bay (just a few blocks from our new digs), an innocuous inquiry about stocking RPG books led to a conversation with the proprietress that very naturally led to me volunteering to organize and run some kind of semi-regular D&D/RPG event in the store’s sitting area.  She seemed very enthusiastic about my proposal, and we agreed to discuss the matter further when I get back from vacation.  Should this idea take off, be assured that more virtual ink will be spilled here on the subject…


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