megadungeons & mikrophonie

These are the two items vying for the top spot in my creative process right now.  The former is purely for fun, and the latter is mostly not for fun.

Megadungeons: Lately I’ve been thinking about starting a pick-up Labyrinth Lord game, advertised to all my local friends/neighbors/co-workers who are gamers, as well as those who have expressed even a modicum of interest in D&D.  In the interest of avoiding the sort of scheduling conflicts and absentee player issues that have been the bane of most of my past game groups, the emphasis of this campaign will be upon the (mega)Dungeon.  Whoever shows up gets to play.  PCs enter the Dungeon at the beginning of the session and come out at the end of the session.  More on the Dungeon, the Base, and the Wilderness in future posts.

Mikrophonie: Specifically, Mikrophonie I (for tam-tam, 2 microphones, and electronics), the 1964 live-electronic work by Karlheinz Stockhausen.  I’m analyzing this piece for my music history M.A. exit exam.  I’m sure that at some point, my brain will attempt to make connections between the piece’s graphic score and dungeon mapping.  Here’s an image of a score page to give you an idea, sorry for the small size:

mikrophonie score page




Stockhausen is one of the giants of electronic music history, and Mikrophonie I was one of several “live electronic” pieces of the 1960s that proved to be extremely influential on some of the artists and albums featured in my occasional “Music for Dungeon Crawling” posts.  I’ve never used Mikrophonie I itself as dungeon-crawling music, but as I listen to it this morning, I can imagine that players might be pretty freaked out by it…

Here’s some awesome footage from a 1966 performance of the piece by Stockhausen and his ensemble (Stockhausen is seated, controlling the electronic filters):


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