New Sabres & Witchery class: Cleric

Here’s a new priestly class for Sabres & Witchery that I’m working on, note that this NOT the armored religious spellcaster/healer common to D&D.  I tried on some other names for size, but Cleric fit the best; besides, it has such a better ring than “Ecclesiastic” or “Clergyman”…

The Cleric is an itinerant preacher, priest, or theologian, whose calling is to carry the battle against the forces of Chaos to the dark places of the world, and bolster the faith and resolve of those who fight for Law.  The Cleric’s strength lies in the powers of faith, ritual and piety rather than skill of arms, although if need be he can enter the fray with sword or musket.

Advancement: as WB Clerics
Save: as WB Clerics
Hit dice: d6
BtH/AC advancement: +1 per 3 levels.
Alignment: Lawful only
Prime requisite: Wisdom
Starting languages: Native tongue, Latin
Weapon restrictions: none
Armor restrictions: cannot wear heavy armor

Class skills/Special abilities

Exorcism: Clerics can exorcise demons and spirits that are possessing people or animals; Demon/spirit must save vs. exorcism (at a penalty equal to the Cleric’s level) or be banished from the host.

Consecrate Weapon: The Cleric may temporarily bless a weapon — either a melee weapon or single round of ammunition for a ranged weapon (but not a ranged weapon itself) — imbuing it with holy power to smite the forces of Chaos.  This act of consecration must be done upon holy ground (in a church, chapel, etc.), takes one hour, and may be done once per day per level.  The consecrated weapon will cause an additional amount of damage to supernatural, magical, or demonic foes equal to half the Cleric’s level (round up.)  The effect will last a number of days equal to the Cleric’s level; multiple consecrations do not extend the length of time nor compound the effect.

Beginning at 3rd level, the Cleric may permanently consecrate holy symbols and holy water.

Improved Turning: All Lawful characters have the ability to use consecrated holy symbols to turn/repel undead* (get a “T” result on the table), but only Clerics are able to destroy undead by turning (i.e. “D” result). [Note: The Magus class as presented in Sabres & Witchery does not exist in my setting; its quasi-magical replacement, the Alchemist, will not have any special turning ability.]

Exhortation: Once a day per level, the Cleric may exhort his fellow adventurers before a battle, encouraging them in their shared struggle against Chaos.  Those hearing these words receive a bonus of +1 to hit/damage in combat and +1 to all saving throws for the duration of a single combat.

Shield of Faith: The Cleric receives +1 to all saving throws against magic.

I’m also considering some sort of remove curse ability at higher levels, but nothing concrete just yet.

*Note that this is also different than the Hunter’s class ability to turn/repel any kind of supernatural monster.


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