Twilight: 1634 and “Pike, Shot & Sorcery” gaming

I haven’t exactly let loose the flurry of “17th century RPG” posts that I mentioned in my last update, but the subject been churning around in my mind pretty steadily for the past month or so…

I originally envisioned Twilight:1634 as a sort of pike-and-shot reimagining of Twilight:2000 with different rules: your army has collapsed, the world has gone to crap, you have no food or money, how will you survive and get back to friendly territory, etc.  As I’ve continued to contemplate the setting, I find that I’m much more excited to run episodes of heroic S&S adventure (exploring ruins and wilderness, battling evil wizards and monstrous menaces, defending villages against marauders, etc.) than foraging, pitched battles, and gritty, angsty stuff more closely connected with the war itself.

The action will center in the southwestern part of the Holy Roman Empire, in the general region of  near the Alps.  Off the main path of the war, but close enough for the possibilities of skirmishes between French and Imperial forces.  I recently found a pretty cool map of the HRE ca. 1648 which shows the many internal boundaries — Imperial free cities, church lands, Hapsburg Lands, and the myriad “independent” fiefdoms.  My plan is to take one of the smaller areas and give it a somewhat Ruritanian treatment by replacing the historical figures and details of said fiefdom with invented ones.  More on that as I develop it, which is going to have to be fast since I’m due to run an adventure next week…

After much consideration, I’ve decided that I’m going to run the game (at least initially) using a slightly tweaked version of Sabres & Witchery, Simon Washbourne’s swashbuckling horror variant of Swords & Wizardry: White Box.


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