music for dungeon crawling: Pike, Shot & Sorcery edition

I’ve found a wealth of inspirational music for Twilight 1634, but not so much when it comes to an in-game soundtrack.  Period music (late 16th/early 17th C.) can be good if carefully selected, but, as with rock music, the wrong song at the wrong time can easily wreck the mood and atmosphere; the same goes for inspirational electroacoustic ambient groups (Rameses III, A Broken Consort, et al) and mostly-acoustic psych-folk groups (Fern Knight, In Gowan Ring, Six Organs of Admittance, et al).  When it comes to the sort of atmospheric/ambient music I love for gaming, I don’t want electronic-sounding timbres and textures, just stuff that sounds like it could have been generated by period instruments (strings, lute, organ, harpsichord, recorders, voices, etc.)  The only one that comes readily to mind is The Electric Harpsichord by Catherine Christer Hennix:

If and when I come up with more creepy, eerie stuff that works for this kind of setting I’ll be sure to post it here.  Until then, I’ll settle for this and augment with works by Gesualdo, Lassus, M. Franck, Dowland, Frescobaldi, et al.


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