Honor + Intrigue and related thoughts

A few weeks ago I preordered the print/PDF bundle of Honor + Intrigue, the new Barbarians of Lemuria-powered swashbuckling RPG by Chris Rutkowsky of Basic Action Games.  The project was mentioned several times on the Lords of Lemuria forum during its development; my curiosity was whetted early on due to its historical to my then-current but now-long-dormant Twilight: 1634 (Sword & Sorcery in the Thirty Years War) project.   My ordering of H+I came in the middle of an unexpected pirate kick, so naturally my first thought was to run some sort of piratey swashbuckling game with it — either straight historical (a la Captains Blood and Alatriste) or fantastic (Green Ronin’s Freeport, etc.) — but after reading this rpg.net thread I found my thoughts drifting back to my 1634 setting.

I’ve read through a good chunk of the PDF, what a fantastic and beautiful product!  I have yet to actually play the game, but the melee, social and ship combat systems all look very promising.  BoL had previously crossed my mind as a possible system for 1634; while the feel of H+I is a little more swashbuckling than my vision for 1634, the system would still work extremely well and I wouldn’t have to deal with making new careers, gunpowder rules, and so on.  Melee is definitely more involved than in BoL, but with practice and some quick-reference sheets it still seems like it would go quickly.  I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of the print edition.  I’m fine with PDFs for light reading and occasional reference, but when it comes to table time I want hard copy in hand.

I’m due to referee an RPG session for BB in the next few weeks.  The original plan was to run something Traveller-ish using Stars Without Number or Barbarians of the Forgotten Suns. I’m fairly ready to proceed with that, but if the print edition of H+I has arrived (here’s hoping it does), I will be sorely tempted to push for a 1634 one-shot.  In the meantime, don’t be surprised if I let loose a flurry of far-future and/or 17th-century gaming posts…


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