new map inspiration

There’s a vacant lot down the street from my house that I routinely walk past to and from the bus stop.  It seasonally plays host to a pumpkin patch and Christmas tree lot, but for the remainder of the year it is just another vacant lot.  I have a recurring, yet-unfulfilled desire to play croquet there, and recently it has inspired game-related thoughts as well.  Observing the terrain and extremely overgrown state of the grass and weeds last week, a switch was thrown in my brain and my croquet-course layout somehow became a fantasy world — the great southwestern jungle, massive forested mountains to the east, mysterious blasted wasteland in the center, and so on.  Later this week I’m going to take some pictures — hopefully before its caretaker comes and cuts down the weeds and grass — and then use it as the basis of a hex map.  Not quite sure yet what its campaign function will be, fantasy or science fiction, but we’ll see…


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