Escape from… Space?

Apparently there’s a new movie coming out soon called Escape from New York 3 Lockout, I happened across the trailer yesterday when I was poking around at Rotten Tomatoes.

I knew nothing about this movie prior to seeing the trailer.  Seriously, the whole buildup through about 0:50 had me waiting to hear the name…

“There’s only one man who can get her out.”




Racing thoughts whizzed through my head at amazing speed.  Are they going to say Snake Plissken?  Really?  How crazy would that be?  Let me guess, the government re-captured and froze him in a cryogenic chamber, with specific orders that he is thawed out if the President, a member of his family, or some other suitably important person got lost or stuck in a terrible, time-sensitive predicament?


Snake Plissken? Alas, if only it were so!  Nothing in the trailer makes Pearce’s “Snow” character stand out from the mob of generic brooding antiheroes infesting the silver screen, but one can always hope…   Lockout looks like it could be entertaining — I’ll definitely put it in my Netflix queue — but it would be so much more so if Snake, not Snow, was the answer to their problem.

Snake Plissken?  I heard you were dead!  


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