Adventures on the Iron Trail: In search of the unknown, part 1

After a several month hiatus, BB and I agreed to revive my characters from our original 2009 “Dragonsfoot-SF meetup” B/X D&D game (that disintegrated after a few sessions) and continue as a solo campaign.  The action takes place on the Iron Trail, a borderland region in BB’s homebrew setting Stronghold.  The first adventure (2009) was exploring a wizard’s manse near the town of Dragonsfoot.  Although our search for the disappeared wizard came up fruitless, the original party did manage to clear out most of the monsters from the manse and return to town with a good amount of treasure.

The characters:

Calveric, 2nd level Magic-User (PC)

Detmar, 2nd level Dwarf (PC)

Meeiria, 2nd level Cleric

Rowley, 2nd level Fighter

Carnas, 1st level Cleric

Blodget, 1st level Halfling

Following the untimely dissolution of their delving party, Calveric and Detmar opted to remain in Dragonsfoot towne for a while.  The lure of adventure and loot was strong as ever, and rumors of a corrupted elven Lifespring to the west of town prompted the duo to join forces with a clerical party to investigate the spring and (hopefully) identify and neutralize the source of corruption.

The group struck west from Dragonsfoot.  As the party neared the lifespring, they rescued a halfling (Blodget) from a corrupted treant.  With their new ally in tow, the adventurers arrived at a ruined tower perched on a hilltop.  The tower itself was unoccupied and devoid of interesting features, but set into the hillside below was an opening leading into darkness.  The intrepid group steeled themselves for their subterranean foray and set off.  Soon they encountered an old battle scene at a four-way junction.  On a wall, the rusty-red scrawl “QUASQUETON” was the only epitaph for the now-decomposing remains of the fallen combatants.  A grim reminder to the would-be explorers of the potential dangers lurking in whatever maze of tunnels and chambers that lay before them….

The group struggled to map the strange, twisting tunnels and oddly shaped rooms.  Battles with bandits and “vegepygmies” — strange green, semi-gelatinous humanoids that seemed to have been grown in a noxious wormy vat — took their gradual toll.  The variety and strangeness of some of the rooms added to the air of mystery that hung in the stale underground air.  An exotic fungal garden,the vegepygmy birthing room with its towering idol of the Mad God, the tapestries and statues whose depicted events hinted at tragic events; how did these pieces fit together?  Would the descending staircase they found lead them to more answers, more danger, more strangeness?

The party enjoyed a brief respite for two days above ground, holed up in the ruined tower, as they rested and recovered from the wounds and fatigue of their first foray.  When the group returned to finish mapping the western part of the complex, they fought more vegepygmies and encountered a room full of strange pools.  Detmar, ever brave and willing to imbibe strange substances, drank from several of those deemed safe by the party — each pool was subjected to careful probing with the 10′ pole or, in the case of the two greenish pools, a broken dagger.  (The party’s caution paid off here, as the second pool dissolved the dagger.)  The first liquid sampled by Detmar made him mute and the last healed him of all his wounds; those in between seemed to be normal water.

Thus ends the recap of the first two sessions.  More on the second foray into the QUASQUETON complex in a couple weeks…


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