BoL Wilderlands

Maps: Barbarian Altanis, Ebony Coast, Isles of the Blest, Isles of the Dawn, Ghinor, Silver Skein Isles

Adventures: explorating ancient ruins, jungle fighting, lost-city treasure hunting, piracy/privateering

Geopolitical factions:

  • Rallu (15/0404) — City State of the Sea-Kings, controls Isle of the Blest and some surrounding isles, dominates passage btw Isle and the Fingers.  Cold/hot war with Tula to dominate trade to Silver Skeins.
  • Tula (15/0832) — Pan Tang-esque
  • Damkinan Coalition (CS of Zothay-Onhir-Halkmenan) — protect overland and coastal trade routes, guard against Altanian, bandit and beastman incursions
  • Haran Protectorate (CS of Hara, 8/3027), includes the towns Ahyf (8/3329) and Ractuan (8/2429) — opposed by perpetual thorns Charchimish (8/2732), Sarene’s Den (8/3424).  The relatively young city state of Hara made its wealth in metalsmithing, and is especially renowned for its fine blades.  Hara has recently pledged to protect its vested interests in Ractuan (ore) and Ahyf (coastal market) by augmenting local garrisons, patrolling outlying areas (within hex) and maintaining and regularly patrolling the trade roads between the three towns.
  • Pirate Lords — loose confederacy of pirate bases and villages along coasts of the Fingers and isles to the south.  Rumor persists of a secret fortress where the Lords meet to coordinate strategies against privateers (mostly from Rallu), but remains unsubstantiated.
  • Antil
  • Lenap
  • Viridistan –
  • Greenwax – neutral port city at a maritime trade route crossroads.  Lots of intrigue — agents from Lenap, Viridistan, and Rallu, as well as more local factions (Thieves’ Guild)

Sociopolitical factions:

  • The Church of Eru – the “civilized” human religion of the region, who are actively involved in civilization’s struggles against the rising tide of Chaos
  • Lightsingers – one of numerous radical (heretical?) factions of Church, known for its missionary and inquisitorial zeal
  • Archivists Guild – crimson-robed, shaven-headed sages, alchemists, sorcerers.  Seekers after arcane lore, technological artifacts
  • Phoenix Dragon League – Orichalan warlords and merchants working to rebuild Dragon Empire
  • Brotherhood of the Beast – loose coalition of humanoids seeking to exterminate humans
  • Chaos Cults

Races of the Wilderlands

  • Human*: subraces as per Player’s Guide.
  • Humanoid: Altanian*, Amazon*, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling (more monkey-like), Plantoid (“Green man”)
  • Beast Races: Apemen*, Boar-men (orcs), Jackal-men (gnolls), Lizardmen*, Panther-men*, jaguar-men*, frog-men (Bullywugs), fish-men (Sahuagin), rat-men (Skaven), mongrelmen (human/beastman mix)
  • Others: chaos mutants, Phraints (ant-men), Draala

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