new Pter Nuum inspirations

My blog inactivity mirrors the inactivity at my gaming table and, to a lesser extent, in the gaming-related parts of my brain.  I did manage to finish an adventure submission for the upcoming issue of Fight On! (#13, IIRC), but other than that the past couple months have been pretty dry for game- and fantasy-related pursuits.  New job responsibilities, new musical instruments (hammered dulcimer!), old musical instruments, croquet, and BSF have in varying degrees dominated my time and attention, but I feel the wheels turning and sense that the cycle of activity is coming around. It started with reading a little bit of fantasy — first The Dragon Lord by David Drake and now Dust of Dreams, the ninth volume in Steven Erikson’s epic Malazan Book of the Fallen.  As I read, thoughts of my Raiders of the Pter Nuum campaign have begun to bubble up again…

As these thoughts gently percolated with increasing frequency, I found myself blindsided last week by an urge to reexamine the Pavis/Big Rubble Runequest supplements.  My print copies of the Moon Design “Gloranthan Classics” were all long sold-off but thanks to the glory of PDF I was able to revisit the sprawling ruins of the Rubble, this time with the intent of mining ideas and details for my version of the Forbidden City…

The other old gaming flame I was driven to review was Necromancer Games’ Wilderlands of High Fantasy box set, a contender for my favorite published campaign setting thanks to its relatively low-powered feel, S&S flavor, weird science-fantasy twists, and open-ended sandboxiness.  I was encouraged to revisit the Wilderlands by a blog post by Fr. Dave at Blood of Prokopius, wherein he mentioned that the map for his great Lost Colonies campaign is one of the JG Wilderlands maps.  My Pter Nuum campaign — and Zhontaar, the world in which it is ostensibly located — is very lacking in the map department, so I figured I’d leaf through the maps and books to see if any of them jumped out at me.  I found myself drawn to two regional maps : Barbarian Altanis, the setting for my previous WL campaign, and Isles of the Blest.  Plenty of steaming jungles, interesting cultural and political factions to potentially incorporate, and an abundance of ruins make either section of the Padizan Peninsula a perfect fit for the Pter Nuum.  I’m not quite sure where to place the Forbidden City yet, but I’m sure the perfect location will present itself in due course.

Looking at those has me making fresh notes for the Pter Nuum game, adding details and denizens to the ruined city and expanding the content of the surrounding lands.  As usual, the X factor for this game is scheduling.  If I can get the same players, we’ll continue on from where we left off; if I get a different batch of responses, I may re-boot the adventure.  One way or another, I sure am looking forward to getting back in the game!


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