mid-February bulletin

Well, another February has arrived and once again I won’t be attending DunDraCon.  *sniff*  There didn’t seem to be as many old-school offerings this time around (last year Ken St. Andre was running Tunnels & Trolls, which would have been a blast); the only game that jumped out at me was a sneak peek at Goodman’s Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, Sunday morning at 10am.  Ah well, maybe next year I can convince my wife to go for a day if there’s something similarly cool being played.

Speaking of cool games being played, I’m sorry I haven’t posted anymore BoL stuff the past week or so.  Part of it is because we haven’t played again and I don’t want to post stuff that my players haven’t encountered yet, but mostly I just haven’t had time for it.  Between work, BSF and trying to finish the last two chapters of my thesis before starting my new full-time library job, I’ve been a busy boy.

Adding to the blogosphere echo chamber isn’t something I regularly do, but I feel compelled to comment on a really intriguing development: Tavis at The Mule Abides has combined his love of D&D and entrepreneurial spirit to create a “D&D Birthday Party” service in NYC.  What a fantastic idea, I certainly wish him the very best in this endeavor!  I’m not about to copy his idea (although it certainly is tempting and might work here in SF,) but reading his summary got me thinking about how much fun I had running White Box for tweens at the public library — something I should really try to revive.

I’ve also been on a big espionage kick lately.  Part of my reading has been about different OSS and British SIS/SOE missions during World War II, which has filtered its way into my gaming brain…  I’m thinking Dogs of W*A*R would be a great engine to drive a pulpy spy action/adventure game where players are part of an elite Allied OSS/SOE “Impossible Missions” team that takes on Axis forces, enemy agents, sinister cults and shadowy organizations, and maybe have some weird Fortean elements thrown in for good measure a la Delta Green or the Indiana Jones movies.

Finally, I’m not sure when the next session of BoL: Raiders of the Forbidden City will happen.  Busy schedules make it tough to play more than once a month, but here’s hoping we can get together again soon!


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  1. Becky Thomas has been able to make the Roleplay Workshop a full-time living for decades in the Bay Area, so I think you could definitely make it work with my blessing – it’s a highly geographic business, so we wouldn’t be competing. Thus far all the queries I’ve gotten are from people who live outside NYC; the blogosphere makes it easy for me to think of GMs I can refer, and it’s good to know you’re in SF and interested!

    I’d also love to hear more about your library program; that’s how I got started playing in the ’80s, and I was very interested to meet with Jamie of Fistful of Coppers when I was in Pittsburgh and talk about his efforts in that directions.


    02/12/2011 at 13:57

  2. Hey Tavis, thanks for the comments and suggestions! Most of my recaps of gaming at the library can be found here under the categories “games at the library” and “library.” Alas, I didn’t have enough time to really codify my experiences into a formal program — I transferred out of the branch library pool and lost my opportunity for White Box with kids.

    I’m genuinely intrigued by the possibility of running “Party D&D,” especially if my attempts to revive some kind of library game don’t work. If so, I’ll be asking you lots of questions!

    02/12/2011 at 15:14

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