[BoL] New spell: The Investiture of Arcane Essence

The Investiture of Arcane Essence

Magnitude: 2
AP cost: 8

Description: The sorcerer may imbue specially-prepared and inscribed personal objects (staves, wands, amulets, rings) with magical power that can be drawn upon to augment the caster’s own power.  In addition to spending AP to cast the spell, he must invest more AP into the item (up to a limit of 5 AP per item.)  This investiture may not exceed his current total AP.   When the item is drained of its charges it is a normal item, and must be ritually re-prepared before recharging.  Example: Cromil the Crafty has 12 AP.  He carefully inscribes a ceremonial dagger and makes his other preparations, then spends 8 AP to cast the Spell of Imbuing Power upon the weapon.  He decides to invest his remaining 4 AP and the hope that he won’t be called upon to cast any spells before he recovers… Because of the personal nature of this imbuement, there are several restrictions upon magicked objects:

  • A Sorcerer may only draw upon one magicked object per spell.
  • The object is created to augment the sorcerer’s power, not replace it; when casting a spell, the sorcerer must spend at least one innate Arcane Point to power the spell.

Requirements:  the object into which the sorcerer will imbue his magical energy must be constructed of high-quality materials.  It must be ritually cleansed and inscribed with the sorcerer’s sigil (so that none may steal the power therein while the caster yet lives) and other runes of power.  The inscription of these sigils must then be sealed with the sorcerer’s blood (-1d3 LB).


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