Travel dice and a natural “20” on University Avenue

Today was a blast, I had a chance to cruise around the Bay Area for 7 hours with a friend who was in town for a job interview.   TL and I have been gaming together off and on since we met in library school 10 years ago (!), and nowadays whenever our paths cross we try to get our game on.  Today was no different… As we drove and walked around, TL refereed a fast-and-loose paperless, editionless D&D solo quest in which the fighter-thief protagonist Bors Borkus traveled through a famine-ravaged Greyhawk countryside and investigated a mysterious castle with the aid of two men-at-arms and some heroic Hobbits. 

For today’s game-on-the-go, TL suggested that we put our dice in some ziplock sandwich bags — “shake and bake” travel dice, how ingenious!  Fill with dice (Gamescience, of course: accept no substitute!), I went with multicolored 2d20+ (for d20 + percentile rolls), 4d6, 1d8, and 1d12.  Shake the bag and toss it on a flat surface (reroll cocked landings, of course),  and read the appropriate die face for the result.  How cool is that?  As we walked, talked, and energetically tossed our plastic bags of plastic bits onto the sidewalks of San Rafael (nice and clean) and Berkeley (not so much), minds largely focused on the adventure at hand, I can only imagine what passersby thought as they observed our odd behavior… 

Although we were unable to finish the adventure, things were looking up for Bors and the boys at the end of the afternoon despite the loss of Tapo the brave hobbit.  Hopefully we can meet up again soon for more of this adventure, TYW mini painting,  Alatriste/Twilight: 1634 action, whatever else we can cram into the time slot…  I sure hope you get this job, dude — there’s a lot of gaming that needs doing!


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