This blog has been sorely neglected in the past month.  Between regular work, teaching a children’s BSF class, and forging ahead on my thesis, my time has been pretty well occupied.  I’ve still been gaming — I just finished refereeing a White Box/LL dungeon adventure, next up BB will be running Star Wars d6 for us — but not really rule-tinkering or world-building that much.  As you’ve most likely noticed, the blogging Muse has also been absent for a while.  At one point I thought about throwing in the towel completely on this blog, but I decided to keep it around another season or so in case the font of inspiration really gets gushing again.


One response

  1. Yeah, there’s no need to take blogs down. Just let them hibernate. 🙂 Enjoy real life!

    10/15/2010 at 00:33

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