E.C. Tubb passed away

Last night I read on the Black Gate blog that Edwin Charles (E.C.) Tubb, a prolific author best known for his Dumarest of Terra series and other science fiction works, passed away on September 10th at the ripe old age of 90.   I only discovered Tubb’s work in the past four years or so.  I started tracking down and reading his pulp-sf Dumarest stories after reading of their influence on the Traveller RPG; since then I’ve read a dozen of the series entries and a couple other of his sf novels.  My feelings about Tubb’s Dumarest stories are similar to those about Robert Ludlum, whose works I devoured as a teenager — formulaic but fast-paced, action-packed, imaginative and always fun.    Thanks for the great reads, Mr. Tubb, may you rest in peace.


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