new flavor

As if I didn’t already have enough games vying for my attention and table time, I’ve recently become enamored with Barbarians of Lemuria.  I remember checking out the free version a while back (a couple years ago, maybe) but for whatever reason it didn’t really catch my eye.  Now that I’ve revisited it I see nothing but awesomeness.  I especially like the Career system, which makes the game mechanics seem like a more Heroic, free-form, skill-less relative of Traveller.   I’m planning to grab a print copy of the full game and its variants Barbarians of the Aftermath and Dogs of W*A*R in the near future.  I can’t say that “Barbarians of Zhontaar” is in the works (although such a thing may stir up that stagnant creative pool a bit), but I’m confident that some version of this game will appear on the table sometime in the near future…

Speaking of “new flavors,” I recently tried the Lemon flavor Haagen-Dazs Five.  It is delicious lemon dynamite.  If you love lemon desserts (like I do) and you haven’t tried this yet, you need to go get some of this immediately!


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