the Tower of I’Toc the Skull

I’Toc the Skull has been described by historians as “one of the last truly great wizards” of the early 19th Aeon, at once revered for his magical prowess and alchemical ingenuity and despised for his cruelty and capriciousness.  Whispered tales of his bioalchemical experimentation inspired by his extensive dimensional travels and the fabulous treasury of relics from elsewhere (perhaps even elsewhen) spread far and wide during his day.  His eventual disappearance did not raise much of an alarm, for such was a common-enough fate of those who regularly travelled among the dimensions.  Those treasure-seekers who dared venture into his alabaster tower — rumored to be guarded by traps, still-loyal minions and beasts, and other perils — returned empty-handed more often than not, if indeed they returned at all…


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