Tuesday afternoon observation

I meant to post this a couple days ago.  On Tuesday evening I drove over to Dolores Park Church for BSF as usual.  The roads seemed extra congested for some reason, and there also seemed to be a larger number of people doing dumb things with their cars or, in the case of cyclists and pedestrians, themselves.  What the heck is going on around here?  Then it dawned on me: April 20th.  4/20.  it all made sense — all the stoners were out in full force!  (Aside: I never really understood the whole point of 4:20; when I was still inclined to smoke, I didn’t see any need to wait.  “It’s 4:05.  Why wait another 20 minutes, let’s party!”) 

The realization gave me pause to reflect on how much God has changed me in the past ten years; this year at 4:20 I was doing Bible study!  Hazy, rose-colored reminiscences of the “good old daze” aside, I honestly don’t miss getting high at all.  Nothing against stoners, but when I look where I am now I give thanks that I’m no longer living that life.


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