Random Zhontaar detail: currency

The standard unit of Zhontaari currency is the zool (Z).  100 centizools (cZ) = 1 Z. 100 Z = 1 kilozool (GZ).  1000 Z = 1 megazool (MZ). 100,000 Z = 1 gigazool (GZ).  1,000,000 Z = 1 terazool (TZ).  The physical currency is minted from a variety of precious and semi-precious metals by the Zhontaari Trade Authority (ZTA) in the form of small coins or rods; the rods are popularly referred to as “zooli sticks.”  The ZTA currency is also commonly represented by electronic credit sticks, which allow for the convenient transportation and transferral of funds, (providing of course that the technological means to do so is available.)  These electronic currency devices derogatorily called “fooli sticks” by the Knights of Lüüd and their sympathizers.


2 responses

  1. No decazool?

    04/22/2010 at 21:07

    • The decazool isn’t considered a standard unit of legal tender, but dZ coins and rods are often prized by numismatists for their novelty value…

      04/23/2010 at 09:48

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