“slice & dice” white box highlights and a shocking first!

Last night was the “Slice & Dice is Nice” event, wherein the brave trio of adventurers who survived the “Soup & Slay Spectacular” back in November decided to continue their exploration of the ruined monastery.  (Homemade pizza was prepared by yours truly, yum yum!)  Some highlights of their explorations of the cellar and crypt:

  • a mysterious golden skull resting on a pillow-crowned pedestal.  When they approached, the skull spoke aloud, telling them it would answer three yes/no questions; later the skull levitated off its pillow and, later still, disappeared completely
  • a giant cask that revealed a narrow escape tunnel leading away from the monastery, a second cask filled with sand, and a third with potentially-magical beer
  • two trapped sarcophagi, one of which claimed the life of a defenseless 10′ pole but yielded a lovely masterwork sword
  • A strange cubist statuette that, when touched, invoked visions of a dark rushing river, a screaming skull engulfed in purple flames, and a black ziggurat at the center of a featureless grey plain
  • A skeleton whose bones were completely covered in strange runic etchings
  • A secret chamber containing another sarcophagus and a colony of yellow mold; inside the sarcophagus, an amulet-key and a runed silver sphere with two small protruding studs
  • two phase spiders in a domed, spherical chamber (accessed with the hidden chamber’s amulet-key).  Through some clever tactics, the party managed to kill one of them, but the other spider KILLED THEM ALL DEAD.

Yikes, my first ever TPK!  It was one of those times when the players rolled bad and I rolled good, and everyone was poisoned or killed outright by the second spider in the second round.  Part of me thinks that maybe I was too tough on them, but hey — phase spiders in the S&W monster book are only 2+2 HD…  What was awesome about the whole experience was how cheerfully the players accepted their characters’ deaths.  No tantrums, no arguing, no sulking; everyone had a great time and is looking forward to the next session, where their new characters (and squad of hirelings) will go and loot the withered, drained, web-shrouded corpses of their fallen predecessors…


One response

  1. Sounds awesome! …Black Ziggurat!

    04/02/2010 at 14:44

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