Dwarven drones

One night last week I was just on the edge of sleep when I heard a strange sound coming from the living room — a sinister, layered, pulsating drone with some weird erratic rhythmic elements.  Whatever could it be?  I peeked around the corner, and was amazed at what I saw.  I ran back into the bedroom to grab my camera so I could document this unusual event:

ELKHORN THE DWARF was getting all droney and spaced-out on the modular synth!  Fortunately he was so engrossed in patching the Filthy Filtre (S/H modulating the Frequency CV, methinks) and tweaking the Frequency Divider, I was able to snap this action shot without alerting him to my presence:

I had a little chat with Elkhorn the next morning, and made it clear that if he was going to play with the modular, then a.) he needed to let me record it and b.) he needed to help out with some synth-related work in exchange for tweaking privileges…


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