update unfolding

Dear readers, sorry I’ve been out of the loop lately.  Not much gaming going on, either in reality or in my mind — I’ve been focused on other things lately, namely my master’s thesis, BSF teaching, and modular synth stuff.  On top of that, I’ve been laid up with a nasty cold bug that’s been making the rounds, and I’m just now starting to feel human again…

This isn’t to say I haven’t thought about various games and projects lately.  I’ve been getting of flashes of mental imagery from both the Zhontaar project and my dormant Traveller game lately…  How much can be attributed to the Leigh Brackett reading or my thesis-related 1970s-synth music listenings?  Not sure. One thing is for sure though: I need to roll some dice soon.  Thinking about gaming, talking about gaming, theorizing about gaming is all well and good until it stops translating into actual play.  My imagination is feeling a bit constipated, and there’s only one solution: play!

Since I don’t have any new game stuff for you, at the very least I can share some music.  I just discovered Michael Stearns’ album Planetary Unfolding the other day.  I was floored when I heard this, and astounded when I learned that it was composed entirely on the “Mighty Serge” modular analog synthesizer, even the voices…  This easily approaches the cosmic bliss-out level of Hillage’s Rainbow Dome Musick, one of my all-time favorite chillout albums. Will Planetary Unfolding surpass Rainbow Dome Musick with repeated listenings?  Only time will tell!


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