Godzilla vs. Gaiking reborn!

This weekend we visited my folks, and I spent part of Saturday rooting through the garage in search of an old poster.  I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I found some other cool stuff — namely, the 24″ Shogun Warriors Godzilla and Gaiking that once resided at my grandma’s house.  She also had the giant Mazinga, but his whereabouts are currently unknown.  Godzilla’s fist and Gaiking’s chest missiles weren’t in the box with the figures, but hopefully they’ll turn up elsewhere.

Gaiking’s mighty shooting fist was intact though.  What a mighty weapon!  A hard molded plastic fist, larger than that of my three-year-old nephew, shot from a big spring the diameter of a nickel (at least).  They just don’t make projectile-shooting toys like they used to…  Back in the day, Gaiking was the favored fighter in our sibling shootouts because of his combination of fist and missiles.  Mazinga’s triple-missile launcher and Godzilla’s shooting fist were both cool, but didn’t quite compare.  We didn’t even pay attention to Godzilla’s fiery tongue or Mazinga’s undersized red sword. After all, you don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, right?

There was a grand unveiling of these toys for my 18-month-old niece and aforementioned nephew yesterday.  (They’re old enough for projectile weapons, right?)  I was surprised to see that they especially loved the lowly Godzilla.  When we left, my nephew asked me to give Godzilla a goodbye kiss.  I agreed, providing there was no tongue action involved…


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