maybe next time…

Well once again, I won’t be attending DunDraCon this weekend.  (Cue sad trombone.)  Instead, Mrs. Gnombient and I will be taking advantage of the three-day weekend to have some quality time with family and friends out of town, so I can’t really complain; especially since I’ll get to play some music and maybe some games while we’re out there.   

I have to confess that I’ve never been to a game convention (gasp!) and for the most part don’t feel like I’ve missed out on much.   However, I’ve had a growing interest over the past few years in checking out the local con, if only for the experience points.  I waded through this year’s online game list, there were a few old-school games that piqued my interest: two AD&D1e games, one “X”D&D/Arduin, two Gamma World 1e, and two T&T sessions run by Ken St. Andre himself!  Next year, next year…


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