Beyond the bounds of time and space…

Scholars have long debated the nature of the dimensions beyond our own material plane. Since the discovery of the first extraplanar realm — the Shadow Realm — in the 15th Aeon, wizards, scientists and dimensionauts have identified and explored several other planes of existence through black holes, wormholes, and other rifts in space-time. Initially, this required special “voidships” to travel through black holes, but advances in interdimensional technology (“idtech“) allowed for the creation of localized gates and passageways into other realities. Idtech drives allowed starships to enter D-space (“the Golden Void”) and re-emerge at another point in P-space (“real space”).

The total number of dimensions/planes parallel to our own is still unknown; there are at least seven Major dimensions, and an untold number of pocket dimensions as well.  Three of the more-familiar Major dimensions are the Shadow Realm, the Golden Void, and Morpheus.

The Shadow Realm: Visitors to the Shadow Realm are greeted by the sight of a dusty, rocky grey plain stretching endlessly in all directions.  The Realm is lit by a blacklight sun, and patches of shadow flit across the landscape beneath invisible clouds.  The monotony of travel across the plain is only interrupted periodically by pitted black stone megaliths, crumbling ruins of unknown provenance, and, at the center of the realm, a wide flowing river of black viscous ooze.  The Realm is home to several alien races of varying levels of intelligence and aggressiveness, most of whom live underground or in the forementioned ruins.

The Golden Void (aka “D-space”): a cloudy dimension of light and fire, the Void gets its name from the psychedelic swirl of red, orange, and golden hues that makes “the very air and clouds seem ablaze.”  Only the hardiest of spirits are able to gaze upon the dazzling beauty of the Golden Void with the naked eye without suffering some form of insanity, and exposure to the air will result in blindness, deafness, and in more extreme cases, random mutation.  There are no officially documented forms of life in the Void, although some mind-seared dimensionauts have deliriously spoken of encountering “angelic beings of pure energy, with crowns of fire on their brows.”

Morpheus: The so-called “Dimension of Dreams and Illusions.”  Morpheus is a soupy, murky liquid sea that is constantly roiling and bubbling, out of which strange shapes form, melt away and re-form.  Scattered throughout the sea are islands which float about unanchored; like the sea itself, the landscape of these islands is constantly in flux.  Some have theorized that Morpheus is a living entity that feeds off the subconscious and unconscious thoughts of all who dwell or travel within, which somehow contributes to the unstable nature of both sea and land.  There is a wide variety of living organisms on Morpheus, some of which have been classified by dimensional biologists.

A note regarding my previous post’s mention of “alien invasions through black holes:” Described in the visionary third volume of the Ancient Terran Ramblings of Michlus, most contemporary scholars agree that this fragment prophesied the early 16th Aeon’s legendary Dolmic Brotherhood’s prevention of an invasion of the Prime Material Plane by the Negaxci, a warlike cthnonian race encountered in the “Gateway to Morpheus,” a wormhole at the center of the Helix Nebula.


2 responses

  1. Very cool, is Morpheus perhaps influenced by the Atlantis of Clive Barker’s “Great And Secret Show?”

    It’s also relevant to my musings about where to place a gate to Zhontaar in the Planet Algol solar system, I was already thinking Iajuxxa, which probably has a couple of repurposed Voidships in slow-time orbit.

    01/29/2010 at 17:24

    • Yes, it’s modeled on Quiddity, the “dream sea” in Barker’s Great and Secret Show and Everville. Good catch!

      01/30/2010 at 11:39

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