Boarding Actions and Zhontaar re-re-(re?-) revisited, part 1

I’m sure I’ m not the only person who does a lot of stumbling and bumbling around the Internet.  Searching or browsing through a site then following a random hyperlink to something else, then something else, and on and on until you’ve found yourself in a previously unknown part of the virtual galaxy of information.  That’s how I discovered Boarding Actions, a recent X-Plorers project by Mike D., who blogs at Sword +1 (which incidentally features one of my favorite Star Frontiers illustrations as its banner!)

I grabbed the free version of David Bezio’s X-Plorers game a couple months ago and thought it was clever and well-made, a great example of how the Swords & Wizardry rules can be bent and shaped into new and exciting forms.  I’ve since kicked around the idea of running a one-shot adventure or a single-session conversion of our Traveller game, but nothing happened and my mind moved on.  But recent readings — the Dragon article about Gamma World‘s Moon; the Star Frontiers rulebooks; the science-fantasy awesomeness of Planet Algol, Athanor, and Quantique; references in Songs of the Dying Earth to the colonization of other worlds in previous Aeons; a bunch of Leigh Brackett’s Solar System tales; and, most recently, Mike D.s Boarding Actions posts — have gotten the wheels spinning in unexpected ways.

One thing led to the next, and now the question that’s now dominating my gaming-mind is “What if Zhontaar isn’t a post-apocalyptic, science fantasy planetary setting, but a post-apocalyptic solar system/subsector?”  More on this soon.


One response

  1. There seems to be this invisible momentum propelling various bloggers into producing an oldschool D&D wierd science fantasy version of Traveller…something I heartily approve of!

    01/27/2010 at 19:25

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