this intrusion by reality brought to you by Front Porch Republic

I don’t really go in for national politics; the whole Democrat-vs-Republican, liberal-vs-conservative partisan games seem ridiculous to me since it’s apparent that all these politicians are principally focused on serving themselves and the corporate sponsors who fill their campaign coffers.  I couldn’t resist pointing this bit out here though, courtesy of John Médaille at Front Porch Republic:

‘Each congressman will be required to wear those NASCAR suits which prominently display the names of their corporate sponsors. So the typical congressthing might have Big Pharma on his chest, Exxon on his ass, and the big banks running up and down his arms. Each politician would be required to begin and end each speech with the statement “This message brought to you by …” and list the names of his three top contributors. And each bill will be required to bear the logos of its corporate sponsors. This won’t make politics any more democratic, but it will make it a lot more fun. And a lot more honest. We can dispense with the fictions of “liberal” and “conservative” and go directly to the real issues: “I favor the big banks” or “I favor the manufacturers,” and such like. We can debate the size of the subsidy, the magnitude of the tax break, the height of the barrier against competition. These are the real “issues.” Everything else is rhetoric.’

The thought of politicians in logo-swathed jumpsuits made me think of some of the wackier political elements in the Dark Conspiracy setting.  Truth-in-labeling would be a wonderful thing…


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