Looking forward to 2010

I have a feeling that 2010 is going to be a good year.  We’ll be starting it off with a bang — moving to a new apartment a couple miles from our current one.  I’m thankful that Mrs. Gnombient and I still have our health, jobs, and healthy families, and pray for stability in those areas.  Beyond that — this is when the obligatory New Year’s post about goals and resolutions for the year ahead makes its appearance!  My track record of keeping Official New Year’s Resolutions has never been that great, but that’s probably because those resolutions have never involved doing fun stuff…

1. Writing:  My thesis is the number one priority here, but there are a few other writing possibilities also worth pursuing: Twilight: 1634 and Zhontaar game stuff and tales, some short fiction ideas that have been bouncing around in my brain, re-working some research papers for journal submission, a couple things for Fight On! and Knockspell, and of course this little blog.  My goal is to develop the habit of writing every day, even if it’s just 15 minutes at first-draft level.  Write on!

2. Lifestyle.  I’m not the world’s unhealthiest guy, but I’m not its healthiest either.  I’m not going to go so far as to say my resolution is to “get in shape,” but I will say that it is to make wiser decisions when it comes to eating and being active.  Less junk, more greens.  Less sitting on my butt and more stretching, moving around, walking on errands, and weekend hikes with Mrs. Gnombient and friends.

3. Music.  I discovered a lot of “new” music this last year, but most of it was spent just listening to it at home.  It would be nice to get out and see more live music this year; this goal is somewhat dependent on who’s coming around, but it wouldn’t hurt to be a little more adventurous when it comes to going to see music.  As far as music-making is concerned, I definitely need to be more proactive in seeking out musical opportunities with my current groups, making new connections, and reviving those that have fallen by the wayside.  I also need to revive my old habit of using a metronome with whatever instrument I’m practicing.

4. Reading.  As much as I love unearthing and reading obscure, out-of-print, and/or unusual sf & fantasy works, I need to balance my fiction with some interesting nonfiction.  More history, social studies, spy stuff, biographies, Biblical commentary, etc.  I also really need to spend more time in the Bible itself; I already do a fair amount for BSF and personal study, but not in as regular or disciplined a manner as I’d like.

5. Gaming.  Several people have predicted the ascendance of science-fantasy in the Old School Renaissance in 2010, something which really excites this fan of classic sword & planet, planetary romance, and other sci-fa-flavored tales.  I can’t promise any published material for my Zhontaar setting, but I do hope to run some one-shots or a mini-campaign for friends.  I’d also like to continue my Traveller game, maybe even changing things up and running some converted sessions using X-Plorers or Star Frontiers.  I’ll keep running my Swords & Wizardry pick-up dungeon games for whichever friends can show up, and I look forward to some other possibilities discussed with Barrataria: a Call of Cthulhu game set behind the “Redwood Curtain” in northern California, and the continuance of his “Iron Trail” B/X campaign.


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