Majestic Wilderlands semi-review


 My copy of Robert Conley’s Supplement VI: The Majestic Wilderlands arrived in the mail last week.  I haven’t had the opportunity to fully make my way through the setting section, but I’ve already found some great food for thought and some houserules worth considering for my games:

  • Classes.  I think Rob did a great job of dividing up each of the core classes (fighting-man, magic-user, cleric, and rogue) into subclasses without making things too complicated.  There are no vanilla wizards or clerics; the various magical orders and religions have the same basic powers but each has its own specialty and flavor.  The non-magic-using subclasses gain much of their uniqueness from…


  • Skills.  I’m a big fan of fairly-minimal skill systems (Classic Traveller, I’m looking at YOU!), and Rob’s seems to fall into that category.  The d20 resolution sort of reminds me of the SIEGE Engine, which always worked fine when I used to run Castles & Crusades.  Nice how the skill system is integrated into the classes; if I were to incorporate this (which I very well might) I would consider streamlining the skill list a bit further.


  • Magic.  Rob includes four types of magic in the MW: spells (Vancian-style), rituals, magic items, and innate abilities.  Ritual magic, a slower, component-based casting style, seems fairly pulpy on the surface, a potentially valuable addition to a sword & sorcery style game.

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