lots of reading to do…

Once again, I find that it’s difficult to leave the library with less than a completely full bag or two…

First, I picked up a couple reserved items that came in:

  • Voyage of the Shadowmoon by Sean McMullen, based on a commenter’s recommendation over at Planet Algol.
  • Ace of Spies: the True Story of Sidney Reilly by Andrew Cook.  I recently watched the 1983 miniseries Ace of Spies starring Sam Neill, and wanted to read more about this character and the interesting times in which he lived.

In addition to these, I also picked up two books to help with a thread of thesis research:  Jazz-Rock: A History by Stuart Nicholson and Head Hunters: the Making of Jazz’s First Platinum Album by Steven F. Pond.

To counterbalance the books, I also checked out the second and third DVD installments of the Shinobi no Mono series.  At that point my bag was full.  Then a co-worker showed up at the desk with yet another hold for me, one I had been waiting for for quite some time:

As soon as this massive tome was placed in my hand, all my thoughts of diving into the Cook and McMullen titles were banished….


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