traveller solo game report, 10/16/09: to Krakennus and Lighthouse

It had been nearly two months since our last session, but once we knocked the dust out of our memory banks things went smoothly… 

Fresh from their heroic defense of the Queen of the Sapphire Throne on Nimiria, Riis and the crew left the planet with a hold full of exotic goods: snow-worm pelts, teeth, and meat, and a fine vintage of iceberry wine from the royal vineyard.  Knowing that the wine would fetch a good price on hedonistic, booze-loving Krakennus, Zinfield’s Folly travelled coreward and arrived at Krakennus City without incident. 

Riis made inquiries and was directed to the firm of Zarlec & Sons, an interstellar importer of booze and other substances.  Impressed by the wine and Riis’ tale of how the crew acquired it, Zarlec agreed to purchase the entire cargo and asked Riis to participate in an advertising campaign for the wine.  Zarlec also provided Riis with some additional choice bits of information:  contact info for a local arms merchant and the name of a “helpful” customs agent on Oriax, a planet known for its ultra-tight security and restrictions on imported goods. 

After purchasing some crates of small arms (for eventual resale in the Prophet Pentad), Riis advertised his ship’s availability to the Temple of J’Garsha and the Greenies (a revolutionary “back-to-the-land” political organization), and managed to procure some passengers. 

With a ship full of intoxicated, orgiastic J’Garshan pilgrims, the Folly makes the run to Lighthouse, a crossroads and waypoint for adventurers, mercenaries, and pilgrims travelling through the Great Nebula that runs through the subsector and separates the Prophet Pentad from the rest of the populated systems.  Lighthouse itself is a space station controlled by the Church of the Cosmic Eye, a psionic cult that believes that somewhere in the Nebula lies the key to the next step in the evolution of human consciousness.  The priesthood of the Cosmic Eye are easily identified by the eyepatch worn over their right eye, which is sacrificed upon initiation and replaced by an orb of unknown substance.  According to the cult’s belief, the new eye enables the priests to psionically “see” safe paths through the turbulent cosmic storms raging in the Nebula.  These “Nebula seers” have provided a steady income for the Church, hiring themselves out to cargo and passenger ships travelling from Lighthouse to the Pentad and back…

Having been asked by the Scout Commandant on Nimiria to locate a missing Lt. Thifo, Riis made inquiries at the Lighthouse Scout station turned up a few shreds of information.  After following up at the Church of the Cosmic Eye’s Seer Office in the starport (where his questions were met with similar results), Riis decided to hire a Seer to guide the Folly into the Nebula and the unknown in search of the wayward Scout…  

Notes:  Another session where we had a fun and productive time just talking.  Listening from the next room, my wife at one point even asked us if we would be rolling dice at all.  Patience, meine Frau!  I predict an increase in die-rolling in the next couple sessions. 

I found myself once again playing fast-and-loose with the trading aspect of the game.  Part of me is tempted to try and craft an alternate trade mechanic that doesn’t involve UWPs (which I don’t use), maybe I’ll do some brainstorming and see.  After all, trade does seem to be a major aspect of the game up to this point; while I think I’ve been fair in my judgments, I don’t want it to feel like trading results depend on my own whims… 

Another element I felt was lacking were flavorful random encounter tables, especially for space travel. I have resolved to do some brainstorming and compiling before the next session, which will hopefully be in three weeks once I get back from Germany.


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