New monster/NPC race: the Draala

The Draala is my White Box-ified homage to the humble (yet oh-so cute and cuddly) Dralasite, an alien player character race from TSR’s 1982 space opera RPG Star Frontiers. Star Frontiers was the first game that my elementary school gaming group really obsessed over, and I think I played Dralasite characters 99.9% of the time.  So without further ado…

DRAALA: HD 3+3; AC 13; Atk: pseudopod fists or 1 weapon; Move 6/9/12 (depending on the number of “legs” used); Alignment: Neutral; Special: elasticity; camouflage; infravision (90’); psionics (telepathy, empathy); resistance to piercing weapons (1 hp damage); control gelatinous cubes, oozes, puddings, etc.

Draalas are highly intelligent amoeboid creatures of vaguely humanoid shape (3 to 4 feet tall), who may sprout up to 6 pseudopods for purposes of locomotion or grasping/using tools.  They have tough, greyish, rubbery skin which is very elastic, capable of stretching into a variety of shapes.  The greyish color provides excellent camouflage underground (1 in 20 chance of detection if hiding) and a measure of protection against non-magical piercing weapons, which only do 1 point of damage on a successful hit.

Draalas communicate with one another as telepaths/empaths; Draalas can communicate in these modes with other beings as well, although some speak Common (5% chance) or languages of other subterranean creatures living nearby (25% chance).

Draalas live in small, close-knit “ranch” communities (15-20 members) in deep caverns (often near geothermal steam vents), where they cultivate a wide variety of delicious and nourishing oozes, puddings, and slimes.  A typical community will have at least 50-100 of these creatures herded into various corrals.  Adventurers may also encounter smaller groups of 1d4+1 Draala herders elsewhere in the cave system, tending to a grazing herd of 20-30 oozes or puddings.

In addition to their “livestock,” Draalas will have a number of specially-bred, semi-intelligent Giant Puddings or Giant Gelatinous Cubes (+2 HD) that act as guard creatures.  Draalas are able to summon and control any pudding, ooze, or gelatinous cube, which will defend the Draala to the death or perform any other action as directed.


4 responses

  1. It’s almost as if other bloggers are reading my mind and doingmy work for me 🙂 It was via a Dragon magazine Gamma World monster article, but I was already thinking about how to make amoeba-people.

    10/10/2009 at 12:20


    “…1214: A small cavern complex guarded by 5 Gray Ooze contains a long winding tunnel that eventually leads to a large cavern containing a colony of 15 Draala (see ) and their “livestock.”…”

    10/17/2009 at 13:31

  3. Awesome, thanks for sharing that. Hope the Draala work well for you, let me know what transpires if the party wanders into hex 1214!

    10/17/2009 at 16:28

  4. I imagine there’s a good chance that things would go badly for either the party or the Draala if that happened. I kind of like the squishy little guys, I’m hoping the party stays away from boring ole’ hex 1214.

    10/26/2009 at 15:59

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