home ec, Traveller, and the World Made By Hand

I’m not out to become Joe Urban Homesteader or anything, but I must confess that my recent readings have made sufficient enough impact for me to want to try my hand at some new things and practice some others that have fallen by the wayside a bit.

So it’s time to tie on the apron strings and add the following to this week’s list of activities: baking bread, making yogurt, and preparing  for my first cheesemaking adventure.  To keep myself grounded in reality, I’m also prepping for the next episode in my Traveller campaign.  Perhaps I can squeeze in some light gaming this weekend when the wife and I head up to Willits (“Gateway to the Redwoods”) to visit some friends.  White Box if I can convince the group, otherwise probably just some Talisman to complement our afternoon extreme-croquet session…

Speaking of gaming: after my last post, I got to thinking about running a game set in Kunstler’s post-oil America, which could also draw bits of inspiration from S.M. Stirling’s “Change trilogy” (Dies the Fire, etc.), Gordon R. Dickson’s Wolf & Iron, and other post-apoc novels.  (For some reason, I’m reminded of the “Farmer Wars” episode in Knights of the Dinner Table #1, where the group plays Farmer: the Role-Playing Game!)  A Traveller (Wanderer?) variant could work nicely, I can almost picture it now.  The trade tables, careers and skill list would need to be modified a bit, but isn’t that part of the fun?  Alternately, one could have the PCs be loose versions of the players themselves – take stock of their own skills and knowledge and apply them to their characters.  Hmm, I’ll have to think on this some more over the weekend…


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