Traveller session 3 recap

The bare-bones bits from last night:

  • Riis and the crew of Zinfield’s Folly touched down on the ice world of Nimiria hoping to unload the rest of their cargo of Krakennian seaweed and coral knick-knacks.  (Note: If I had been on the ball and written a session 2 recap, you would have learned that their exercise in speculative trading didn’t work out quite the way they planned on Mirdath.  Sorry about  that…)  Immediately their ship was searched by the port authority.  The reason for the tighter control had to do with the fact that someone was smuggling arms to the Y’ttee, a local indigenous race, who were in turn creating lots of problems for the Queen’s government.  The smugglers are unknown, but suspects abound: the opposition government party, a coalition of indigenous rights groups, the Orcus Corporation…
  • The Queen’s representative met the party at the Nimir City tundra-schooner landing, and informed them that the Queen wished to see them — apparently the Nimirian ambassador they helped out on Mirdath (again, sorry about session 2) had sent a message back home before continuing on her mission, informing the Queen of Riis’ assistance and plans to visit Nimiria.
  • After settling into the Royal Nimirian Hotel, Riis took a yak-taxi (“yakxi”) over to the Scout Service base.  From the bartender in the lounge, he learned more about current events on Nimiria – the Y’ttee problems, the imminent Snow-Worm Festival, speculation about the upcoming Survival Games on Ruveris, the Scouts’ mission to Lighthouse, and the recent performance by Emirikol the Chaotic and his performance troupe.  Riis also made some trading connections through the bartender, and ultimately traded off much of his cargo for some “exotic” Nimirian booze (Iceberry wine and a kind of mead made from tundra-bee honey).
  • Also at the base, the Commandant offered Riis and company a task: to uncover the whereabouts of a Scout recently gone missing, last seen leaving Lighthouse for the Great Nebula with some members of the Cult of the Cosmic Eye.
  • The Queen thanked Riis and company for the services rendered to the Nimirian ambassador, and invited them to accompany her in the royal tundra-schooner on the first day of snow-worm hunting (a major element of the Festival).
  • During their pursuit of and battle with a snow-worm, the royal schooner was ambushed by a gang of armed Y’ttee.  The worm and several crewmembers were killed and the ship was disabled in the opening salvo.  After a brief battle, the party managed to kill or drive off their attackers; they also took a wounded Y’ttee prisoner.  Afterwards, Riis and company were rewarded for their valor with the snow-worm carcass; products made from the hides, meat, scales, and teeth/claws are prized throughout the subsector, so the crew was pleased to add another lucrative cargo to the hold…

Referee notes:

  • BB and I both commented on how little the dice have been used in this campaign — it really has been free-form for the most part.  The relatively small amount of combat has certainly contributed to this, but even in the party’s interactions with NPCs I haven’t been asking for many Diplomacy or other social rolls.
  • I remain happily ignorant of the official Traveller rules for trade, starship/vehicle combat, and even certain aspects of the regular combat system.
  • Rather than using the DEX method for initiative in the battle against the Y’ttee, we used the d6-vs-d6 method found in B/XD&D.  Not surprisingly, it worked just fine!

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