Hello readers,

Sorry I’ve been out of the loop lately…  Between work, vacation, battling some severe eye strain, and life in general I’ve (once again) neglected this blog.  I haven’t done a whole lot of gaming-related stuff lately, but here’s the news:

I’ve prepared my draft houserule document for Twilight: 1634, it’s sort of a mashup of Traveller, BRP, and Fading Suns.  I read a slew of books and articles on the Thirty Years War for this project, and now the intensity of my focus has waned considerably.  Perhaps if I had a game lined up I’d be more gung-ho, but for now I’m just going to sit on what I’ve got until I can actually play a session or two…

Traveller will be picking up again soon.  I had callously tossed it aside in my zeal to pursue the TYW game, and in the past week I have picked it up off the floor and gently nursed it back to health.  Hopefully we can play a session this next week…

A game of Talisman with a neighbor friend got us on the subject of D&D; she’s interested in playing with us, so I may look into running some White Box adventures.  (The One Page Dungeon Codex is calling out to me!)  It’s also gotten me looking forward to the revival of BB’s B/X World of Stronghold campaign…

So that’s what’s going on in gnombient’s garden of games these days.  More updates sometime soon!


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