Traveller: session 1 recap

The crew of the far trader Zinfield’s Folly docked at Krakenus spaceport ready to make some money.  Led by pilot and former Scout Larmer Riis, the crew wasted no time securing legitimate cargoes of “exotic” foods and low-grade burep coral knick-knacks.  Riis and company then turned their attention to  identifying less reputable opportunities…

In the spaceport bar they encountered Koren, an employee of Trans-Krakenus Shipping, and learned of a potentially-lucrative underwater salvage operation – a returning air transport laden with harvested coral went down in the Western Sea after being struck by an unknown projectile.  Agreeing to split the profits in exchange for labor assistance, the crew joined Koren and his partner Lothor on their transport and headed out to the crash site.  They examined the downed ship, which appeared to have been struck by a missile of some sort.  After winching open the cargo bay doors, the crew salvaged about a third of the cargo before another ship appeared to contest their claim.  Not wanting to risk an unnecessary confrontation, Riis and company made a hasty departure and returned to port to split up the take.

With a full load of cargo secure, Riis decided to seek out some passengers.  In a spaceport cafe, he met a local scientist and university professor, Dr. Ivar Kaplan (76 Patrons, #14).  Kaplan sought passage to Oriax, and something else: assistance in recovering his research notebooks and manuscript from a former colleague-turned-rival, amateur botanist (and noted duellist) Count Klaus Ranselm.  After some clever intelligence gathering and a tense confrontation, the party appealed to Ranselm’s sense of nobility and persuaded him to return the material in exchange for Kaplan giving Ranselm credit in the paper for his contributions  to the study.

Now, with Kaplan and his research to the conference on Oriax (all of which earned the crew a cool $16K) and a full cargo, Riis and the crew of the Folly prepare for the journey to Mirdath in search of profit and adventure…


The evening’s adventures went very smoothly, given my unfamiliarity with Traveller (beyond the basic mechanics) and trepidation about running a SF game.  I had a few rumors, a couple adventure hooks, and a few entries from 76 Patrons cued up but wasn’t sure how I would use them.  I mostly just let the player run around in search of business ventures and things fell into place.  I definitely need to get a better handle on trade and starship stuff before next session, and it would be good to have a list of the various skills handy for reference.


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