traveller sandbox, part 3: more worlds of the subsector

More planets in my subsector, UWPs available by request…

Mirdath: A zero-rotation world with thin atmosphere and heavy gravity.  Human colonies, exclusively on the “night” side, exist in eight massive step-pyramids ruled by the “M-8,” a council of Mirdath’s wealthiest merchants.  Principal trade: volcanic glass, art sculpture and carvings, fuligin opals, minerals, ores, some tech

Ruveris:  An airless, waterless moon orbiting a gas giant, Ruveris was originally a penal colony owned and operated by the Orcus Corporation.  The ore-rich moon was mined by prisoners, and beneath the surface of the moon is a honeycomb of myriad mining shafts, caves, storage areas, and connecting tunnels.  According to unsubstantiated intelligence reports company also operated a genetic research facility somewhere on the planet, and used prisoners as live guinea pigs. Now feudally governed by the Ruveris family (who may yet be connected to Orcus), the moon is known for its elaborate Survival Games held every five years.  The Games attract adventurers and roughneck travellers from across the sector, who choose to pit their wits, skills, and lives against the fiendish designs of Count Ruveris’ Death Maze in hopes of winning the generous prize purse…  The Ruveris system is also home to a substantial asteroid belt.  Ruveris’ principal trade commodities are ores and metals.

Nimiria: Thin-atmosphere ice world ruled by the Cerulean Queen of the Sapphire Throne.  The light-blue-skinned human society of Nimirian venerates a sun/fire deity and is constantly at odds with another local humanoid species, the Yettee.  Nimiria exports ice, blue diamonds and sapphires, and snow-worm hides.  The beginning of the snow-worm hunting season is a major festival on Nimiria, with great pomp, ceremony, and a week of celebration.  Common travel methods on Nimiria is often by ice yachts, gon-yak tundra wagons, and human-powered means such as skis or snowshoes, with more advanced means (aircars, snowmobiles, etc.) reserved for aristocrats and offworld visitors.


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