Traveller sandbox, part 2: post-Imperial galactic blues

Remember how I was writing last week about my “Fourth Imperium” Traveller setting? Well, I’ve changed my plan. There was still a massive Virus War (thanks New Era!) that destroyed the Third Imperium. Unfortunately, the ensuing series of galaxy-spanning Succession Wars exacerbated the damage done to galactic civilization. Ironically, the various Imperial factions duking it out (heh) with one another for the throne were ultimately defeated by an upstart Federalist movement. The pro-Imperial forces were scattered, largely back to their home planets, and a loose Federation was established among many remaining worlds and sector/subsector governments.

The fledgling Solomani Federation (named for its origin and location in the Solomani Rim places much of its emphasis is on negotiating and maintaining peaceful relations and trade between its member “nations” and protecting their worlds from outside threat (pirates, hostile governments, alien menaces, pro-Imperial factions, etc.) The Federation relies heavily upon the cooperation of its member governments for the latter, but also maintains the Directorate for Interstellar Enforcement and Security (DIES), an Interpol-like bureau capable of autonomous action and coordinating with planetary and territorial law agencies (thanks, Jack Vance!)

The Federation has no standing army outside of the Solomani Rim sector (Terra is its capital), but is theoretically able to conscript soldiers from all its members during times of war. The Federal Navy and Marine services patrol trade and communication routes much in the way their Imperial ancestors did. The Scout services and X-Boat lines still exist, and their roles, duties, and organization remain essentially the same.

More on this later…


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